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As you may be aware by now, Nytro Marketing actively engages in different social/environmental initiatives. One of our core values is social responsibility. For example, we supported #tortugatón campaign to save turtles in Latin America, and led Arriba Mexico campaign to help Mexican people under devasting earthquake. We also donated to the Plant-for-the tree to plant trees for better world and Case de la Amistad which helps children with cancer. Not only do we jointly support social causes like these, but we also support charities individually that we like to provide some recognition for.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Monika, our Global Marketing Project Manager based in Germany, who already few times donated charity Archemed. Archemed is a remarkable charity that has done an amazing job in Eritrea. Their mission is to help sick children in Eritrea that do not have access to proper medical care or experienced doctors. Archemed´s aim is to collect the money for the medicine + medical equipment, as well as bring experienced German doctors to train Eritrean doctors in a desperately needed effort to save children´s lives. In addition to providing medical assistance, they also engage in several infrastructure and education projects that also improve the quality of life for the people of Eritrea.

We asked Monika what led her to support Archmed:

„In my opinion, there should be more people helping others. There is far too much fighting in this world, so what better way to make a change than to start with myself? After all, I didn‘t want my life to be just about ME.


I was looking for the the right charity to start donating where I could make an impact with an amount that I could afford. I spoke to a trusted friend who means a lot to me and he recommended Archemed. I saw all of the incredible work that they do and immediately got involved. Today, I remain certain that it was the right choice. I am also sure my new bag would not make such an impact than putting few euros for this purpose so this is why I decided to donate 🙂

It is my personal goal to support other initiatives like this in the future as well. Actually, I registered myself as a volunteer in Heidelberg yesterday and I am already curious what projects will come out of that.“

We hope this story about our Nytro colleague Monika inspires you to help out too.  

You can find more details on how you can help here!

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