Nytro Marketing GmbH
Brüder-Grimm Str.28
69493, Hirschberg, Germany
Tel +49 177 3396035



Management Board: Olivia Falkenstein, Thomas Pfister

Content Manager as per section 6 of the Interstate Agreement on Media Services (MDStV): 
Olivia Falkenstein and Thomas Pfister

HRB (Commercial Registry) Number: HRB 726872

German Tax ID number: DE311587692


Bank Details:

Santander Bank

Rohrbacher Str. 3, 69115 Heidelberg

IBAN: DE 3350 0333 0099 9910 4151


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By judgment of May 12, 1998, the Landgericht Hamburg ruled that by including a link, the contents of the linked site may be responsible. This is not the case if you expressly dissociate yourself from the contents of the linked pages.
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This declaration applies to all links on the pages of Nytro Marketing GmbH and Internet offers, which do not refer to one of your own pages (so-called external links).
If Nytro Marketing GmbH is aware that the content violates applicable law, these links are immediately removed.
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Last update: March 2017

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